So Long, Suckers

Jazziz gives its critics’ top ten jazz album lists in the current January/February issue, and look who made Sam Prestianni’s list, down there between Mingus and Jason Moran:

Ornette Coleman: Sound Grammar (Phrase Text/Sound Grammar?)

Gato Libre: Strange Village (Muzak)

Ralph Towner: Time Line (ECM)

Kayhan Kalhor / Erdal Erzincan: The Wind (ECM)

Max Nagl: Quartier du Faisan (hatOLOGY)

Liberty Ellman: Ophiuchus Butterfly (Pi)

Dominic Duval String Quartet: Mountain Air (CIMP)

Charles Mingus: At UCLA 1965 (Mingus Music)

Kyle Gann: Nude Rolling Down an Escalator (New World)

Jason Moran: Artist in Residence (Blue Note)

That’s it, fellas, I’m outa the ghetto. Good luck with your new music, or avant-garde music, or postclassical music, or whatever the heck you call it, come hear me at Birdland and let me know how you’re doing with that academic crap.


  1. says

    Great ! Just as I was to dip my pinky toe into this so called ‘postclassic’, Amway, pyramid scheme, the Grand Master moves with impish glee to Jazz! I feel like I’ve bought timeshares in Florida swampland. There was a time in music history when one could fake keeping up, or a gradual shift sideways into another genre (say ringtones).

  2. says

    If you’ve made it on the same list with Kayhan Kalhor, you must be doing something right!
    KG replies: Yeah, you’d think so, wouldn’t you…