Damn Those Young Composers, They Keep Coming

I hadn’t replenished PostClassic Radio in well over a month, and to my horror Sarah Cahill told me that a friend of hers, a devoted listener (so that’s who’s logging on), had now heard the entire current playlist. Well, it’s no longer true – 19 new recordings just went up by a crowd of composers mostly quite a bit younger than myself: Andrea La Rose, Matt McBane, Paula Matthusen, Andrian Pertout, Teresa Hron, David Toub, Jim Altieri, the amazing M.C. Maguire, Carolyn Mallonée, Kevin Volans, Scott Unrein, Jo Kondo, plus a Flute Trio by Feldman newly out on New World with flutist Dorothy Stone. Nice stuff. More to come, don’t stop listening now.

UPDATE: Someone actually complained that I don’t have any of my own music programmed lately (all right, it wasn’t a complaint exactly, he was just wondering, and come to think of it, he did sound a little grateful), so I’ve fixed that. I try not to repeat pieces, and I just don’t compose fast enough, or rather record fast enough, to keep contributing.


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    That’s wonderful, Kyle- My friend the poet Gary Gach (http://www.levity.com/interbeing) (check out his link to Walt Whitman’s manuscripts!) listens to PostClassic Radio every day, has heard everything so far, and will be very pleased to know that you’ve posted these new recordings. I’ll start listening now- it sounds like a terrific collection.

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    yes it’s true: i’ve been listening daily … (but not necessarily hearing: how terrible that I abuse the gift of music (does anyone know: from whence it cometh) by letting it play without stopping and listening to every note … i’ve vowed to do so at least a half hour several times a week … meanwhile,) i have postclassical radio on most of the time these days as i sit at my computer, hammering at away at my work … … … sometimes i will stop and listen to one piece a day … … it will be nice from time to time to hear kyle gann’s music within the contextual stream … maybe it’s like the anthology i edited … for five years gathering and pruning and arranging until it was drawing near closing time and i realized i hadn’t included any of my own work … and hastily slid in as little as possible … or maybe it’s different … or both … …