Aesthetics Under the Palm Trees

I’m basking in the February sunlight of Florida’s east coast as I write this, enjoying a free morning at the Atlantic Center for the Arts. Joining me here as Associate Composers (a term that makes me uncomfortable as conjuring up the “associates” at Wal-Mart, though then I start wondering what it means to be an associate professor) are Michael Maguire, Carolyn Mallonée, Teresa Hron, Andrea La Rose, Maria Panayotova-Martin, Scott Unrein, Matt McBane, and Jim Altieri. It’s a convivial and musically excellent group, and listening to each other’s music, we’re already kind of astonished at how good everyone is. (These are also the people whose music I recently uploaded to PostClassic Radio, so you can hear there what we’re hearing. I’m sneaky that way – clues as to my goings-on appear on the station frequently.) Michael, whom I’d been writing about for 18 years but never met until yesterday, and I are the old-timers, already rehashing the aesthetic battles of our youth, as the thirty-somethings view us with besumed pity. (Over Laphroaig last night, Schoenberg made Michael’s top-five list of 20th-century composers, and didn’t make my top fifty.) Anyway, we’re here for three weeks of discussion and arguing and composing, and I couldn’t feel more in my element. And it’s so blessedly far from snow. You’ll be hearing more, certainly.


  1. jeffrey smith says

    Welcome to Florida! (I’m from the other side of Fort Lauderdale.) It may cheer you or depress you to discover these last few days were the coldest of the year, the nights when we actually put a blanket on the bed and talked about how freezing cold it was :)