The Three Stooges of Classical Blogging

Greg Sandow: Classical music is dying.

Alex Ross: Classical music is not dying.

Kyle Gann: Die or don’t die already, but get outa the friggin’ way.


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    Ah, but classical music ISN’T dying precisely because people like you are reinventing it. Even by way of killing it. Paradox upon paradox! To quote PDQ Bach: “Dying, dying, dying, and yet in death alive.”
    KG replies: Ah yes, Iphigenia in Brooklyn. Here’s another paradox: Postclassical music is in imminent danger of dying, as least as far as its public presence goes, largely because the dead kind of classical music soaks up all the funding and won’t give it any support. The baby is starving because all the available food’s being used to try to resuscitate the corpse.

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    Hey you know, the LA Philharmonic and the SF Symphony are doing quite well financially. And their repertoire is like 70% contemporary!
    There’s plenty of reasons to be optimistic, especially as composers writing new music. It’s pretty likely that others will have to follow suite or risk tanking.

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    Art Music (is what me and my wife refer to it as – you choose “post-classical”) WILL die if the people in power (such as yourself) don’t support it (a none to subtle hint to click our link, listen and do a little research). How an art music making married couple of janitors don’t qualify as (at least) blurb worthy…I’ll never know. You can either recognize us now…or wait (like the rest of the ballsless dopes) and catch on later.