P[retty] D[amn] F[ine] Scores

A singing correspondent asks if I’ve written any songs, and I have, and it makes me realize that I haven’t made all my music available that I could have. So I’ve added four songs to my PDF score page. They’re early: I used to write songs, but no one ever sang them, and I kind of lost interest. I’ve also put up a score to a brief 2003 piece for string quartet called Love Scene, an instrumental arrangement from a scene in my opera The Watermelon Cargo. It’s in just intonation, and I haven’t yet succeeded it getting anyone to play it, so, having recently gotten a couple of performances from having my PDFs available, I throw it out to the masses. It’s a waltz, for gosh sake – I write a whole piece in 3/4 and you’re gonna give me trouble about a few lousy extra pitches?