Discovered Google Earth, Can’t Stop Looking

Bard College music and film building (center):


The parking lot on right is student dorm parking. I park right next to the building in an area that’s shadowed here: can’t tell whether my car’s there. The photo’s about a year old because it was taken in winter and includes the new music building addition but not the extension being built on the Curatorial Studies Center across the field (top of the photo).

Gain a new perspective here.

UPDATE: On closer inspection, this photo is two years old, because the parking lot isn’t finished yet and there are construction trucks all around. Why don’t they update more often? The New Orleans photos look pre-Katrina, too.


  1. David Cavlovic says

    The 3D effects are the coolest, zooming in close enough as if you were actually flying over the building or street. Kinda cool, for example, if you’re listening to a recording from King’s College, and “flying” over the building.

  2. Paul H. Muller says

    Google Earth can be addictive. I live in an area where high resolution images are available and you can see my pickup truck parked in front of my house. And the grass looks a little long too. Scary.

  3. says

    And, would you believe it, there are business that have started to put advertising on rooftops so they will be seen by people browsing the earth! Isn’t capitalism wonderful?