The Difference Revealed

Is it necessary to remark what a tremendous difference between Democrats and Republicans is revealed in reactions to the death of Gerald Ford? No one has anything bad to say about the guy, from either side of the aisle. Democrats, despite one arguable reason to harbor a grudge against him, are happy to concede that the man did virtually no wrong. Had he been a Democrat, the Republicans would be rushing to besmirch his reputation and diminish his significance – as they doubtless will, again, when we lose Jimmy Carter, another generous and honorable president. Remember my prediction.


  1. Alex Taylor says

    Yes, of course – the Republicans are all evil, sick bastards who hate children and kick puppies just for fun.
    Why not just stick to writing about music?
    KG replies: That’s not what I said. But to the current crop of Repubs, both politicians and pundits, winning is the only thing that counts and the opposition must be discredited. That the Democrats can honor Ford shows how different, how much more mature, they are. Why don’t you stick to replying to things actually said?

  2. says

    I think generally you are correct. But have a look at this article from Slate for different point of view. It may be that a little distance from the event of Ford’s death may be necessary for a more balanced assessment of his presidency to appear. One other thought: A musician who doesn’t keep at least one eye on politics is like someone who doesn’t lock his door when he goes out.
    Love this blog, by the way.
    Happy New Year!

  3. says

    Objection, your honor…Calls for speculation.

    (Having grown up with some memories of severe financial uncertainty in the late 1970’s, and not enamored of his comments and actions of late, I’m really not a Jimmy Carter fan by any stretch, although I’ll put up with Elliot Carter a little more readily.)
    KG replies: As evidence, I offer the Republican practice known as swift-boating.

  4. says

    I was just thinking about this as well…when Ford pardoned Nixon, it sent a message that some people in this country can live above the law. Something should be said about that.
    Furthermore, nothing is said about how the Democrats could have been tempted to hold up Ford’s nomination, impeach Nixon, and thereby have the Speaker of the House seize power.
    Would Tom Delay show the same maturity?
    You’re not saying Republicans eat their young, you’re just stating the fact that for the current generation, there’s a winner-takes-all approach to politics that makes us all very nervous…
    KG replies: Well said.