If Nominated, I Will Not Run

I find it difficult to credit this, since my blog is so peripheral to my activities in general – merely an adjunct to my professional writing, which is already an adjunct to my teaching, which is itself something I do to support my composing – but this blog entry seems to indicate that Postclassic is number 5 among the top classical music blogs. Geez, Louise, what an easy profession. Frankly, I think listing me one notch above Sandow is bogus. He gets a lot more traffic than I do. (Besides, this is a POST-classical blog. How about a listing of the top postclassical blogs, huh? Who’d be number one then, Alex Ross?)

Theremin.jpgWhile I’ve got my blog formatting page stoked up, would you like a recommendation on a Christmas gift for music lovers? Albert Glinsky’s Theremin: Ether Music & Espionage is the most exciting music biography I’ve ever read. There are a lot of good biographies, but very few subjects this astounding: Leon Theremin was not only a music-technology genius, but a KGB agent involved in some strange stuff, who disappeared and was presumed dead for decades as he was actually implicated in international espionage. Glinsky’s page-turner reads like a detective story, and he fills in gaps in his subject’s mysterious life with the sometimes hilarious pop history of the theremin. Anyone remotely interested in new music should have this fascinating, effortless read.


  1. says

    The ranking isn’t based on traffic, as I couldn’t find consistent traffic data for all the blogs. Instead it is about blogosphere influence, measure by the number of links. I’ll consider a postclassic list when Reich starts blogging.

  2. taylan susam says

    dear kyle,
    i hope all is well! i still thoroughly enjoy your blog!
    my question: i was happy to see that you were rightly categorized as ‘composer’, as opposed to ‘critic’, in the order you prefer. but the fact of the matter is, that you have been a major critic as well. and i can’t help but notice, that your blogging is very connected to your critical writing.
    what is your response to this? do you consider this your ‘critic’s blog’ or your ‘composer’s blog’? knowing you somewhat, i’m sure you will say ‘both, to some extent’ so let me ask another question: would you say that your critical writing is – to you – more ‘composerly’ than, for instance, alex ross’s?
    keep up the good work!
    KG replies: Hi Taylan, good to hear from you. I think for me to answer questions like this about myself would be like George Bush declaring himself a “war president,” as he has – kind of immature. But I will say that I’m proud of having been a critic, and that I’m as content to be a critic-composer as a composer-critic – partly because good composers are a dime a dozen, and good critics are so few and far between.

  3. says

    Perhaps it sounds incredible to you, but I think your blog has all the characteristics of a successful blog: it is about a precise topic, treats it well and in a brief way, it is never too serious neither too little professional. That is, it is well written :-)
    I think you deserve to be cited as a very interesting blog!