Custer Returns

A student complained that my microtonal music-theater piece Custer and Sitting Bull is currently (if temporarily) out of print, and that it’s not available on my MP3 web page either. It’s a reasonable complaint, so I’ve fixed that. The whole thing can now be heard here, where it will remain at least until Monroe Street brings the CD back out.

UPDATE: Well, heck, in response to a subsequent request, I can put the links right here, if you want:

Custer: “If I Were an Indian…” (8:42)

Sitting Bull: “Do You Know Who I Am?” (8:17)

Sun Dance / Battle of the Greasy-Grass River (7:59)

Custer’s Ghost to Sitting Bull (10:04)


  1. Michael Wittmann says

    Great! So here I go, finding it in a used CD shop (uh, one step up from a cut-out bin?), and now you go and post the whole thing. Sheesh! Had I known, I never would have broken the plastic wrapper. Ha. On the other hand, thanks for posting it here… mp3 is always the way to go these days, isn’t it?
    KG replies: Hey, you got not only Custer but five other pieces, all in better sound quality, PLUS the lovely liner notes by my former student Jason Stanyek. Come to think of it, maybe I should post those liner notes….

  2. Jon Szanto says

    And if you keep posting things like this, places like Tower Records will go out of business.
    Never mind…