E-persons Become Flesh

I went to the Sequenza 21 concert at CUNY Graduate Center last night, and met in person quite a few people I had known only virtually, including Sequenza 21 guru Jerry Bowles, David Toub, Galen Brown, Ian Moss, and David Salvage. Performances were excellent, and the program divided half-and-half – much like Sequenza 21 itself – between postminimalism and modernism, though the latter was of a refined variety. Composer Dan Goode asked me why Sequenza 21 was moving from virtual existence to real-life events, when most organizations are swimming in the other direction. I replied that it was like internet dating – at some point you have to finally meet the person, to find out for sure how big a disaster you’re courting.

In actuality, it was a fun event and prelude to a fun evening out. You can read the official accounts here.


  1. says

    I think we moved to a nonvirtual event simply because we realized that the online S21 community was growing pretty rapidly, and it would be nice to showcase our music in a more personal setting. I think it worked out just great, and I enjoyed finally meeting you in the flesh, Kyle.
    Now we need to meet the other family members who live outside the PA-NY-NJ-CT region. There’s a big country outside of NYC, and I’d love to see S21 concerts take off, much like Cirque du Soleil performs all over, including Vegas. I mean, rather than all of us collectively bitching and moaning about the lack of new music concerts in various parts of the country, why not put on our own and spread the gospel, so to speak?

  2. says

    Hey, Kyle. Thanks so much for driving all the way down and back from Bard to join the festivities. I’m glad there was someone there who was almost as old as me (actually, Dan may have us both). And, again happy birthday.

  3. David Salvage says

    I move for a S21 concert in Las Vegas. Seconds? I hear Trump’s a die-hard Charles Wuorinen fan…
    Kyle — great to shake hands at last as well. Hope to bump into you again soon.

  4. daniel g. says

    half & half between post-min. & modernism? really? hmm… i thought the s21 community was more diverse. is it? or was the concert just two-sided? (speaking as a regular reader & sometimes contributor)
    KG replies: Well, it did strike me that the concert wasn’t fully representative of S21’s diversity, and that certain strands were left out. But what do I know, I’m just a critic.