Get Yer Excuse Straight

A box of paperback copies of The Music of Conlon Nancarrow has just been delivered to this office. This means that all of you who have avoided buying the book all these years because it was horribly expensive will now have to avoid buying it because it’s too technical and doesn’t contain enough pictures.


  1. Jon says

    So, as in most of these cases, I ask: is there a particular purchase venue that gives *you* the best compensation? Answer back and I’ll get a copy post haste.
    KG replies: I think picking up a copy off the stack next to the cash register at any 7-11’s as good as anything.

  2. a pianist says

    It’s too expensive, doesn’t have enough pictures in it, doesn’t come with a free CD, an interactive website, a myspace page or a political agenda and I get confused trying to tap my foot along to the music. Was this guy really American? Oh, sorry, he was an expatriate.
    KG replies: He was a communist too.

  3. says

    How about “I’m adjunct faculty and won’t see a paycheck for yet another month?” This means that next month’s check pays last month’s bills? (Something about getting the first check in week 9…)

    That Messaien book at Borders is $48, too. Maybe I should look into that selling plasma thing.
    KG replies: Well… I’ve been there too. I was adjunct faculty for seven years. As a result I’ve always been a big advocate for Bard’s adjunct faculty.

  4. Scott Klein says

    Ouch, the cost of books. I’m also an author and academic who published a book with Cambridge University Press once upon a time, and it too is coming out in paperback in a couple of months. The price of the new paperback– about the cost of yours– is exactly what the original book cost in hardcover in 1994. No wonder I use libraries rather than buy books, as I used to enjoy doing as a graduate student…

  5. Henry Lowengard says

    This book seems like a good birthday present for myself!
    Can one still get copies of the Ampico rolls from Wolfgang Heisig? My Ampico hasn’t had its hammers hardened but I figured I ought to have at least one Nancarrow Study to play on it.
    And if you ever want that interactive website … drop me a line.