We Finally Sank One o’ the S.O.B.s

Back to politics for a moment, because We Finally Won One: with all the head-scratching kanoodling about what Joe Lieberman’s loss means, only Salon’s War Room, that I’ve seen, got it right. It wasn’t just the war (though I’ll have trouble pulling a lever for anyone who voted for that war, Hillary – I knew it was a tragic mistake at the time, why didn’t you?), nor the bipartisan kiss, but the fact that, ever since the ’04 campaign, Lieberman’s vicious demonization of any Democrat who disagreed with him has been taken verbatim from the Karl Rove playbook. Worse than simply being a Repub in Democrat drag, he’s part and parcel of that same evil mindset – and blaming his loss on “partisan politics,” as he did last night, is the classic Republican response, attributing your own crimes to the opposition. Good riddance, I hope.