Going Down for the Third Time

If you’ve e-mailed me recently and haven’t heard back, please be patient. I’ve had a few family things occupy me lately, and I am more than a month behind in my e-mail correspondence, absolutely inundated with legitimate messages that I’d like and need to answer (including three from bankers in Nigeria who are going to make my fortune, mark my word). If I did nothing else between now and September but answer them, I’d never get to them all, so some will undoubtedly fall through the cracks. Feel free to send a repeat message. Let me know if you’re independently wealthy yet seized by a desire to be a composer’s secretary.

UPDATE: A friend writes to commisserate, and brings up a good question: Why do so many people send us requests for information that they could easily find in reference works, or else by Googling? I’m always getting queries about Nancarrow, La Monte Young, tuning, and other subjects, some of which are already answered on my web site, in my books, or other easily accessed sites – and La Monte Young is still around to answer his own questions! I’ve even had high school students, assigned to write reports, write me for general info about American music. I’m glad to answer such questions when they require a specialist, but I do wish people would do a little research on their own, and not assume I’m sitting around with nothing better to do.