New CDs on Postclassic Radio

Postclassic Radio badly needed a fresh infusion, and it received one this week via a whole stack of new CDs that just arrived:

Corey Dargel: Less Famous Than You (Use Your Teeth)

Ingram Marshall: Savage Altars (New Albion)

Eve Beglarian: Tell the Birds (New World)

Warren Burt: The Animation of Lists and the Archytan Transpositions (XI)

plus a couple of welcome CD reissues:

Daniel Lentz: On the Leopard Altar (Cold Blue)

Lou Harrison: Chamber and Gamelan Works (New World)

All of these are now represented on the playlist by multiple tracks. Also there are a few pieces from the Cold Blue concert at REDCAT that I wrote about recently, and a major new work by Stephen Scott, The Deep Spaces, for bowed piano and soprano. This last one contains a long, oddly reorchestrated quotation from Franz Liszt’s Années de Pelerinage. If you haven’t listened for awhile because you’d heard everything, try it again!

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