Cursing the Man Who Invented the Computer

I had reported having trouble getting Kontakt 2 sampling software to work on my computer. In April the company released the 2.1 upgrade, which was supposed to make the program run smoother by making the samples much less CPU-intensive. But every time I tried to start up, my screen froze – on a G5 yet! This morning I set out to attack the problem. I spent hours going back and forth with Kontakt tech support. I reinstalled the program from scratch three times. Finally I narrowed it down to the audio setup. I reinstalled my MIDI interface driver twice. I talked to a nice man at Mark of the Unicorn. After seven hours of frustration, it turns out that I have a defective USB port. I unplugged the MIDI cable from the port, stuck it in the next hole, and everything suddenly worked fine.

Kontakt 2.1 plays like a charm. With Li’l Miss Scale Oven to retune it, I now have the retuned Steinway grand I’ve waited my whole life for. Of course, my hair’s noticeably grayer than it was yesterday, and I’m a little snappish.


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    Enjoy it, Kyle. I use Kontakt for the Garritan Personal Orchestra sounds that come with Finale 2006, and while there are limitations and quirks, they do pretty well.
    But all of this is really CPU-intensive. I’m running an iBook G4 (the last model they made before the new Macbook with an Intel Duo-Core chip), and if I’m not careful, notes will stutter at random times. Glad you have a G5.