The New Nonpop Singers

There’s a lovely article on New Music Box today by Corey Dargel, about the difference between the traditional art song or lieder of the classical music world and the new “artsongwriters” who write and sing their own lyrics – just like pop artists, but with a whole different structural sensibility. One of the prime practitioners of this 25-year-old art form, Dargel knows whereof he speaks.


  1. Walter Ramsey says

    I think in his article he didn’t go far enough, actually. Not only is the classical singing technique artificial, and outdated, but the other half of the “art song recital – ” the pianist, also having wasted a large portion of her life learning an artificial technique of playing the piano, and outdated. The pedagogy there focusses so much on physiques that don’t interfere, so-called “pure” or “beautiful” tones, that the artifice shines through and pianists cannot express individuality in this futile system imposed on them from above. We have to wonder; what’s the point?