Provo and Los Angeles Premieres

I have two performances on the opposite side of the continent this week, while I’m stuck here in the snow. First is Friday, February 17, by the Group for New Music at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, directed by Michael Hicks. He’s giving a “live” performance of my Disklavier piece Tango da Chiesa, on a program in honor of Morton Feldman’s 80th birthday. The program:

Bunita Marcus: Untrammeled Thought

Jürg Baur: Petite Suite (for flute quartet)

Leo Brouwer: Cuban Landscape with Rain (for guitar quartet)

Kyle Gann: Tango da Chiesa

Michael Hicks: Lamentation, and

Feldman: Palais de Mari , played by Hicks


Then this Saturday, February 18, Sarah Cahill will play two of my Private Dances at the REDCAT Theater in Los Angeles, starting at 8:30. The program features 14 composers who are all recorded on the Cold Blue label. The lineup is as follows:

Read Miller: Come out, sit awhile; break the bottle, and you is lost

Kyle Gann: “Sad,” “Saintly” from Private Dances

Michael Jon Fink: I Hear It in the Rain

Larry Polansky: Eskimo Lullaby

Steve Peters: Paris, once

Rick Cox: Later

John Luther Adams: The Light That Fills the World

Peter Garland: Hermetic Bird

Chas Smith: P770

Daniel Lentz: Lovely Bird and Requiem

David Mahler: La Cuidad de Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Angeles

Michael Byron: as she sleeps

Jim Fox: Colorless sky became fog

Barney Childs: Variation on Night River Music

About half the music is for piano, played by Sarah, but several are ensemble pieces, including the Robin Cox Ensemble playing John Luther Adams’s The Light That Fills the World. Cold Blue is a lovely label, and it sounds like a great program, if I say it myself that shouldn’t.

The first weekend in March, Sarah plays my Time Does Not Exist at Santa Fe New Music, but I’ll fill you in on that later. Somebody show up and tell me how they went!

If anyone would like to present my music on this coast, please speak up.