Worse Than You Can Imagine

Jan Herman sent me this link, and I absolutely laughed my ass off. It would be churlish not to share such effective medicine with the world. (If the link doesn't still take you to Ten Worst Album Covers, try this: http://salamitsunami.com/archives/91.) … [Read more...]

Music Library in a Box

Now that I've got more than 7500 mp3s on each of two external hard drives, one for home and one for school, my attention has turned to PDF scores. I'm collecting a lot of Beethoven from the Sheet Music Archive, and I recently wrote an article about Melissa Hui entirely from PDFs she sent me. Now I've found out, through a post at Sequenza 21, that Leo Ornstein's son is inputting Ornstein's music and offering it to the public through Other Minds, so in a few minutes yesterday I went from years of wishing I had scores of Ornstein's early piano … [Read more...]


Had my G4 Mac laptop in my lap. Smelled smoke. Felt hot place on my knee. Sparks flew. Screen went blank. Please expect communications to be on special schedule for a few days. … [Read more...]

Metametrics: The Downside

Art Jarvinen weighs in on the relation between totalism and dance:I just watched Blow Up again. Had not seen it in a long time. There is a slightly interesting moment around 50 minutes in, where the bored photographer guy and the scrawny uninteresting woman are smoking and listening to groovy music. She's trying to move to it, and she's really lame. He gets her to move slooowly, "against the beat." She starts to get it, and it's a totally Totalist moment....I always wondered why I couldn't dance. I couldn't dance to The Twist, or … [Read more...]