I Like ‘Im, but He Ain’t Me

Aside from printing “Caution: Contents may be hot” on a therma-foam coffee cup, I think the silliest disclaimer in common use is the one that seems to precede every compliment paid to a critic, viz.: “Although I don’t always agree with him, Kyle Gann is an OK critic,” etc. I thought it was understood that only Rush Limbaugh has Dittoheads. It makes me imagine distancing myself from all kinds of analogous syllogisms:

“Even though I agree with his every utterance, I find Alex Ross a lousy critic…”

“Although I am not her identical twin, and, in fact, look nothing like her, I consider Angelina Jolie very pretty…”

“Despite the odd coincidence that he and I are both featherless bipeds with hair and opposable thumbs, I consider George W. Bush a malevolent moron…”

You spend your life analyzing, explaining, trying to bring a little clarity to your corner of the chaos, and you get measured against a checklist of someone’s opinions.


  1. says

    “I thought it was understood that only Rush Limbaugh has Dittoheads”
    Ah, but you forget that you are the official “Rush Limbaugh of Classical Music.” Although I think in your case your fans would be called ddiditdittdittodittohdittohedittoheadittoheaddittoheadsittoheadsttoheadstoheadsoheadsheadseadsadsdss or something like that. . .
    KG replies: I had forgotten; I am chagrined.

  2. mclaren says

    But don’t we all get measured against the checklist of everyone else’s opinions?
    My judgments are thoughtful; your prejudices are neurotic…his superstitions are bizarrely irrational.
    What wag remarked that “Education involves the confirmation of one’s previously held views”…? Oscar Wilde? Or was it Nietzsche?