A New Breeze at Last

The February theme of Postclassic Radio was “doldrums,” or perhaps “passivity,” since I’d been too involved in other matters to add any tracks in several weeks. But I’ve made up for that today with more than 35 percent new content, including works by David Lang (Slow Movement), improvising violinist Kaffe Matthews, Ben Johnston’s Ninth String Quartet from the new Kepler Quartet recording, Sarah Cahill playing Pondok from the new Evan Ziporyn album, a smattering of works by Barbara Benary, Janice Giteck’s classic Breathing Songs from a Turning Sky, several songs from Amy Kohn’s new disc I’m in Crinoline, Sub Rosa by Gavin Bryars, Circa from Belinda Reynolds’s brand new CD, Kilter by Peter Hess of Anti-Social Music, some more of Mikel Rouse’s Love at Twenty (his best new album in years), and Compassion, a rare 63-minute piece for violin and piano by the inimitable Chris Newman. Take note that the textures of Love at Twenty are largely composed of sampled notes from Cage’s prepared piano for Sonatas and Interludes. No official composer-of-the-month for March, but I’m pushing Benary these days, who has few recordings out, and I’ve obtained some CDRs. Enjoy!

Live 365 is now giving me error messages if I fail to provide “e-commerce info,” such as label and copyright. It’s all about selling things at Live 365, but not at Postclassic Radio.