New ‘Trane a’Comin’

Next Monday night in New York my friend, classroom nemesis, and jazz harmony teacher John Esposito is involved in a concert in which will be premiered a couple of 1960 tunes by John Coltrane, recently discovered, that had never been recorded. The titles are “Out of a Dream” and “The Backbeat,” the handwriting on the manuscript John recognized as Coltrane’s, and since John is amazingly adept at historical styles (or so he keeps telling me), he was asked to harmonize and arrange them. He’s playing with the Eric Person Quartet, of which he is a regular, but he’s not sure where the gig is (jazz musician, you know…). Something to do with the Public Library, he thinks. I’ll find out and give an update here. They look like really nice bebop tunes.

UPDATE: Oops, turns out the concert by Eric Person and Meta-Four is a private affair. My announcement has news value only. But you can get info at their website.