Our Growing List of No-Nos

Speaking of harmonies that draw specific sources to mind, my friend Bob Gilmore thinks that Morton Feldman ruined the interval of the falling minor seventh – not that it is no longer beautiful, but that using it has become an instant signal of Feldman influence.

Personally, I tell all my students to steal what they want and not worry about their influences showing through. For all they know, their music may be better known a hundred years from now than that of the people they’re stealing from, so they might as well plan for that optimistic eventuality.


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    What’s wrong with your influences showing through in the first place. Perhaps the greatest failing of late 20th century classical music is the slavish insistence on novelty.

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    I was planning to copyright the falling minor third followed by two rising major seconds. If any of you play more than three of them in a three-hour period I’m coming after you.