Peter Garland, Out of Phase

I’m running behind due to a confluence of recent deadlines, but I’m happy to announce Peter Garland as Postclassic Radio‘s Last-Two-Thirds-of-October-Through-First Third-of-November Composer-of-the-Month. Maybe I’ll go on a five-week cycle and get back in phase. But this will coincide with my profile of Peter in Chamber Music magazine this month, and I’ll play at least a couple of pieces from every CD he’s got. So far, Jornada del Muerto, Bright Angel/Hermetic Bird, The Fall of Quang Tri, and Nostalgia of the Southern Cross, all for piano, plus Dreaming of Immortalilty in a Thatched Cottage, I Have Had to Learn the Simplest Things Last, and Palm Trees-Pine Trees. This last is not commercially released, and I have quite a few unreleased Garland recordings to offer.

I finally updated the playlist, too. Check it out quick before it’s out of date again!