Now I’m Neat Too

Thanks to Douglas McLennan, from whom all blessings flow, I have now joined the newer, sleeker ranks of Arts Journal bloggers whose wisdom is couched in the snazzy new format. No longer will I turn from Jan Herman’s blog to my own and hang my head in shame! And before, somehow because I’m on a Mac, I could never post images. Now, with the new software, I can! and I celebrate this newfound ability with an experimental post of Erik Satie, the first postclassical composer and patron saint of all who have come since. Coming up soon, I have a lot of never-before-seen photos of Alex Ross’s cat!


  1. Jon Szanto says

    Not only neat, but now you’ve got a comments field. Better find a way to block that one… or just not read it! :)
    As always, loving your posts. But I can’t believe there are more pictures of Alex’s cat!

  2. says

    I am a constant reader since some months ago. Great new look for the website!
    By the way, you should talk more of Satie; he’s really great.