Even I Get Reviewed Occasionally

Douglas McLennan calls my attention to a nice review of my new CD, by composer Christopher DeLaurenti in The Stranger, out of Seattle (halfway down the page): “Like Stravinsky, composer Kyle Gann has an astounding ability to forcibly deploy complex rhythms without sounding cluttered or pretentiously convoluted.” Woohoo! The West Coast always seems to love me better than the East Coast, and you know what, West Coast? I love you better too.


  1. Jake Berry says

    Congratulations on the good review. I listen to your radio station almost every night for several hours, off and on, while I work on my own poetry and music. (Sorry, but I have to turn you down when I’m working on the music – but I bring you back up when I work out the lyrics).
    Don’t worry about the east coast reviewers. They never really got Lou Harrison, either. Or Kerouac’s writing, or Harry Partch. Just keep doing your thing (though I think the Rush Limbaugh analogy is way off base) and we’ll keep listening and learning.