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As many of you have quickly noticed, this new format allows for the possibility of comments (I can set this option or not set it per individual post). The way Arts Journal’s comments work, the ones you send go into a holding pen until I OK them. Most people, so far, have kept repeatedly sending, trying to get their comments to appear, but they won’t, automatically. This is as it should be – I’ve spent enough time cleaning obscene nonsense out of my web site guest page to know that you don’t just hand total strangers a can of spray paint and invite them to express themselves. Your comment will appear when I get time to go into the software and publish it, assuming I find it well-intended and insightful.

The way I look at this is as a time-saving feature. I’ve always tried to post and/or respond to helpful comments I get, but sometimes this takes up lots more time than writing the original post did. Now people can do their own writing – I don’t have to paraphrase or edit, and I don’t have to go through the time and delay of writing people back and asking if it’s OK to quote them. I don’t have to answer, necessarily, either. I’m hoping this will more fully acknowledge the range of wonderful responses I get, while meaning a little less work for me.

On the other hand, I don’t get paid to blog here, and this is my space. I don’t owe nobody nuthin’. Anonymous comments will be deleted without becoming public, likewise abusive ones, as well as comments I don’t see the point of. No one will grandstand in this space but me. I’m all for collective wisdom – but if you want to prove how brilliant you are at length, you can start your own damn blog (are there are places that will give you the space for free). If you want to get a group dialogue going, join some new music forum like Sequenza 21. This is my turf, period, end of sentence.

I’ve been warned, by the way, against going wild with the photos, which take up loads of web space and make the site difficult for some people to access. So sorry about those promised photos of Alex Ross’s cats, it looks like you won’t be seeing them here after all. (Too bad, I paid a pretty penny for them on the black market, and some of them caught the felines in real compromising poses.)


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    Hey — Great to see comments available here. And you won’t get any complaints from me about reviewing them before posting — I saw some of the foodfights over at NMB back in the day. One suggestion, though — when I posted a comment on a different posting a few moments ago I ended up at a blank screen, and if I hadn’t read your explaination about the policy and procedure here I would have been confused and probably would have thought that my posting hadn’t gone through. Is there a way to put an explaination on that screen so that after a commenter hits
    “post” they see something like
    “Thanks for your comment. I will review it and, if approved, it will appear on in the comments section shortly.”?
    See you later, alligator.

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    Managing comments ARE a pain. I reluctantly had to elimnate them from my blog because I was spending too much time cleaning up after those ads for online gambling and worse. Lets hope you’re experience is better than mine.
    Then again, comments are a good thing when informative.