Begging for Beglarian

As I suspected, that frail reed on which Postclassic Radio depends, Live365, has done nothing toward restoring my playlist of mp3s, and I am starting over from scratch. [UPDATE: They’ve retrieved four of my Charlemagne Palestine tracks.] Don’t expect restoration to proceed quickly, because I already had other commitments this week. I am first reposting all the pieces I had put up in mid-June, including the choral mini-festival of works by Lentz, Giteck, Leach, and myself. Past that, I guess I’ll just do a big overhaul. And July’s composer-of-the-month will be

Eve Beglarian!

some of whose works are already up. Her Lullaby has been on for a few weeks already, and is so incredibly, touchingly, ravishingly lovely – anyone who could listen to that piece and says there’s no great music anymore just might as well have their ears plugged up with cement permanently.

On the other hand, there’s another lovely Beglarian song that I balked at posting because it’s rather XXX-rated (for language and brief frontal nudity). I imagine most of my listeners as lonely new-music nerds sitting alone in garrets, but idunno, some of you may be blaring Postclassic Radio out through your stereo to help keep the kiddies quiet. What should I do? Should I keep the Postclassic airwaves clean? Or thumb my nose at the FCC? [UPDATE: In response to several e-mails, it’s on the air, “Somedays” from The Bilitis Project. It’s preceded on the playlist by a warning.]