Custer in Costa: Really the Last Stand

Anyone out there reading me in Costa Rica? Hello? No?

This Wednesday I’ll be appearing at the fourth annual Seminario de Composiciòn Musica organized by the University of Costa Rica in San Jose, May 25 at 7 PM. I’m performing Custer and Sitting Bull again for the thirty-somethingth time (if I still can remember the words – yikes!), along with several of the Disklavier pieces from my upcoming New World CD. I’ll also give a composition master class and a lecture on American (Yankee) music later in the week. If any of you happen to be in San Jose, well, drop on by.

No more changes to Postclassic Radio, probably no more blogging, until I return June 1. Imagine me sitting on a hot beach, worrying about how my e-mail is piling up.