Gann Dances (but Only Privately)

I just received an excellent CDR recording of a new piece of mine, Private Dances for piano, played exquisitely by Sarah Cahill – in her hands, in fact, a couple of the movements are more beautiful than I imagined they could be. I wrote the piece because for years I’ve been such a big fan of William Duckworth’s multi-movement pieces like The Time Curve Preludes and Imaginary Dances, and they made me want to write a piece as a series of brief movements, something I’d never done. What Duckworth achieves that I didn’t was a way to link the pieces convincingly as a series, like Schumann; my dances are more self-contained, but I’m happy with them. I’ve posted the piece to my web page and on Postclassic Radio, and I post it here as well. You can listen to the whole piece:

Private Dances (timing – 23:44)

or to individual movements:

1. Sexy

2. Sad

3. Sultry

4. Sentimental

5. Saintly

6. Swingin’

and you can find the scores here as PDFs if you want. Hell, you can take ’em and play ’em on your own piano. [UPDATE: My PDFs, made via Sibelius on a Mac, download and print just fine on some computers, but on others either won’t print correctly or possibly won’t download at all. I don’t know what the problem is, or what to do about it, except that friends have had luck trying it on different computers until they find one that works. Advice appreciated.]