The Home Team Weighs In

It seems that when I wrote, “I realize that people don’t like the differences between Uptown and Downtown music pointed out,” I was partly mistaken. It’s true that some non-Downtowners were put off by the perceived negativity of my post “Downtown Music and Its Misrepresentations.” But here are the responses from Downtown composers:


“Downtown Music and its Misrepresentations” is one of the finest and
most relevant things I’ve ever read. Thank you for writing and
posting it. Brilliant!

What would we do without you, Kyle?

Don’t stop.

Your analysis of the conventional wisdom that there’s no longer a
difference between Uptown and Downtown is right on the mark.

I love it every time you write about Downtown/Uptown. It makes me smile.

Very much enjoyed the blog entry on BoaC.

Hmmm…. It seems that I’m not the only Downtown composer who’s sick and friggin’ tired of being told that there is no Downtown music anymore; that there’s no difference between Uptown and Downtown anymore; that the Uptown/Downtown issue is irrelevant; that prejudice against Downtown composers no longer exists; that Downtown music is whatever John Zorn does, or whatever Bang on a Can does. What if we quit putting up with it?