Pardon Our Dust

I have time this week to perform a necessary makeover on Postclassic Radio, required by format changes on the web site. The reason I hadn’t used the mp3PRO format they recommend in the first place was because of a reported incompatibility with some Macs, so please let me know at if you start having any trouble that you didn’t have before. Theoretically, the sound is supposed to be an improvement. Anyway, I had to start over again with the playlist at six hours, and I’m slowly building it back up to 17. I’m re-uploading most of the mp3s that were already running, but changing over quite a few as well. Robert Ashley Month continues, and will run through April as well. I’ve put up his instrumental work for Relache, Outcome Inevitable, and added Charlmagne Palestine’s Strumming Music, an amazing document of 1970s minimalism. Enjoy! and let me know if you can’t.