Good God


Twenty-seven percent of online adults in the United States said in November they read blogs, compared with 17 percent in a February survey by the Pew Internet and American Life Project….

Though blog readership jumped [in 2004], the percentage of online Americans who write blogs grew only slightly – to 7 percent in November, up from 5 percent early in the year. Blog creators tend to be male, affluent, well-educated and young [two out of four ain't bad, I guess]; 70 percent of them have high-speed connections at home, and 82 percent have been online at least six years [but not blogging for six years, surely?].

Despite the attention to blogging, a large number of Americans remain clueless – only 38 percent of Internet users know what a blog is….

I think we found out November 2 exactly how clueless “a large number of Americans remain.” But what jarred me was the thought that for every million Americans on the Internet, 70,000 of them are writing blogs….

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