’80s New Music Resurrected

Merry Christmas: I updated my Postclassic Radio playlist on Christmas Eve – strikes me as kind of a festive activity – for the first time in awhile. Putting new pieces on the station is a cinch, but keeping the playlist current turns out to be the tedious part. I’m streamlining the process to make it easier.

Anyway, I recently got access to an old box of cassette tapes that’s been in storage for ten months, and it’s a cornucopia of new music mostly from the 1980s that never got commercially released: works by Todd Levin, Bunita Marcus, Maria De Alvear, Carman Moore, Elodie Lauten, Diana Meckley, and especially a large cache of recordings by Peter Garland. So Postclassic Radio will start the new year with another influx of commercially unavailable recordings. The sole complaint I’ve received about my timing indicated that I’m taking pieces off too quickly, so I’m actually sitting on a gold mine of material and trying to hold back. But to whet your appetite, I’ve just posted two lovely pieces by Bunita Marcus, her 1987 chamber piece Adam and Eve and her charming arrangement of the Beatles’ song Julia, written for Aki Takahashi’s Beatles project and played by her. Enjoy.

And for those who read me on a phone-line modem, unable to access internet radio, my apologies for writing about so little else lately. Happy holidays.