More Popular on the West Coast, Apparently

Having just had performances in San Francisco and Berkeley, I then had one in Seattle, and have one coming up in Pasadena on November 19. I meant to tell you about the one in Seattle, but I thought it was on Nov. 17 and I just noticed that it was Nov. 12. Anyway, the Seattle Chamber Players played a one-minute quartet that they asked me to write, in a series of such brief works to celebrate their 15th anniversary. So I decided the piece should be in four movements, and called it Minute Symphony. I haven’t heard how it went. Anyone hear it?

The Pasadena performance is this Friday. The ensembleGREEN kindly asked me for an instrumental arrangement of my sampler piece So Many Little Dyings, based on a Kenneth Patchen poem. The result will be performed Friday night at 8 PM, at the Neighborhood Church Chapel, 301 N. Orange Grove Blvd., Pasadena, CA. Here’s the program:

Arthur Jarvinen: DLL Canon (1993)

Mary Lou Newmark: Identity Matrix (2003)

Arthur Jarvinen: Brahms (1979)

Bruno Louchouarn: Flux (1999)

Henry Rasof: Witchita Falls 1

Frederick Rzewski: The Waves (1988)

Tom Johnson: Swena Lena (1976)

Philip Glass: “KneePlay2” from Einstein on the Beach (1975)

Tom Johnson: WoloYolo (1976)

Kyle Gann: So Many Little Dyings (1994)

I won’t be there, but let me know if you are. It all reinforces my feeling that I’m a West Coast composer trapped in the body of an East Coast composer.