Postclassic Radio Debuts Today

The first chapter in my new-music education came from WRR-FM radio in Dallas. A guy named Steven Achternacht used to play some pretty wild stuff there in the ‘60s, and I would run home from school and record on cassettes anything by a composer I hadn’t heard of - and in that way had a fateful encounter with, among others, a piece called In C by an unknown named Terry Riley, that blew my mind and slowly but surely readjusted my course in life. I was the kind of guy who called in to all of WRR’s radio quizzes, and sometimes wasn’t eligible to win … [Read more...]

Republicans and their Guilty Consciences

Today's gem from the reliably wise and brilliant Paul Krugman at the New York Times deserves all possible exposure, even from music critics (this is just an excerpt): ...For many months we've been warned by tut-tutting commentators about the evils of irrational "Bush hatred." Pundits eagerly scanned the Democratic convention for the disease; some invented examples when they failed to find it. Then they waited eagerly for outrageous behavior by demonstrators in New York, only to be disappointed again. There was plenty of hatred in Manhattan, … [Read more...]