Warning: Blogger Quoting Blogger Quoting Blogger..

Free improvisation maven Lang Thompson quoted my comments about improvisation on The Funhouse blog, and I can't resist quoting his approving response, especially because it comes from a very different viewpoint. I feel somewhat vindicated that a fellow critic who follows the scene much more closely than I do has pretty much the same perception, even if his take on it is less negative than mine: Now I'm undoubtedly more attracted to free improv than Gann both as an artistic matter (that rock 'n' roll clatter rewritten) and as pure temperament, … [Read more...]

Reports of Our Speed Are Greatly Overestimated

The world is moving so fast today, isn't it? Now that we the have the internet, the moment something is discovered it can be flashed around the world. We're all in a state of instant communication, and the time lag of assimilation of creative work has been reduced to less than a day. The flat, clichèd tone of that paragraph may clue you in to its high bullshit quotient. On the contrary, we grow musically more and more behind the times. My friends and I spend lots of time trying to bring into the world music that was made 20, even 30 years ago. … [Read more...]