Tooting My Own

Well, I thought someone else would eventually say it, but no one has. The MPR American Mavericks radio series on American classical music that won the Peabody Award? It was based on scripts written by me, which were reworked slightly for radio, with interviews added, by Tom Voegeli. Tom did an excellent job, but the Minneapolis Star described him as “writer” of the series and omitted me, and subsequently I’ve been getting e-mails from friends saying, “But I thought you wrote the series.” (Even the Arts Journal link, o unkindest cut of all, failed to mention me). I take a little drink in my own honor.

After all, I don’t want anyone to think I falsely took credit for being involved with a radio show that won a Peabody. That would put me on the same level as… Bill O’Reilly!