Gann Frolics at the Knitting Factory

Believe it or not, the expert Da Capo ensemble will play a piece of mine this coming Sunday at 7:30 in the Tap Room at the Knitting Factory in downtown Manhattan (74 Leonard Street, tickets $15/$10 students/seniors). The ostensibly all-Downtown program for this generally Uptown ensemble at this incorrigibly Downtown space looks something like this:

Frederic Rzewski, Coming Together

Derek Bermel, Coming Together

Kyle Gann, Hovenweep

David Lang, Thorn

John Mackey, Breakdown Tango

Dennis DeSantis, Make It. Stop.

And it’s described as “a rollicking, frolicking set of new works from the stomping grounds of downtown Manhattan.” Whoa! Well, to apply truth in advertising, Hovenweep is in my usual kind of languorous, depressive style, though it gets pretty loud at the end. I’ve never frolicked in my life. Rollicking, I don’t know about. I’ll have to check.

You can probably get more info at Da Capo’s web page.