Some sites I like…

American Mavericks – the Minnesota Public radio program about American music (scripted by Kyle Gann with Tom Voegeli)

Kalvos & Damian’s New Music Bazaar – a cornucopia of music, interviews, information by, with, and on hundreds of intriguing composers who are not the Usual Suspects

Iridian Radio – an intelligently mellow new-music station

New Music Box – the premiere site for keeping up with what American composers are doing and thinking

The Rest Is Noise – The fine blog of critic Alex Ross

William Duckworth’s Cathedral – the first interactive web composition and home page of a great postminimalist composer

Mikel Rouse’s Home Page – the greatest opera composer of my generation

Eve Beglarian’s Home Page – great Downtown composer

David Doty’s Just Intonation site

Erling Wold’s Web Site – a fine San Francisco composer of deceptively simple-seeming music, and a model web site

The Dane Rudhyar Archive – the complete site for the music, poetry, painting, and ideas of a greatly underrated composer who became America’s greatest astrologer

Utopian Turtletop, John Shaw’s thoughtful blog about new music and other issues

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