My Burning Question

Well, I have a question to bring to the world. I finally have the technology to burn my own compact discs, and everything’s almost unbelievably ducky. My one remaining problem in the world (aside from my new Toyota Prius whose transmission died after ten months, and Toyota wouldn’t cover it under warranty – I’d love to tell you about it sometime) is, some CD players have a lot of trouble reading CDRs. My computer has never rejected a disc; my car stereo has only once rejected one; but my home CD players of the last few years, three of them (one bought only last Christmas), fail to access anywhere from 30 to 90 percent of the homemade discs I insert. And even if they read them, they often can’t switch between access bands. How is this possible? Why do my computer and car stereo handle the scrungiest CD with no problem, while my home stereo is ridiculously picky? Isn’t it the same technology? This has become a pretty serious issue for me.

And, if you send me a substantive answer – may I quote you here?