The Horses Keep Coming

Cavalia horses

Arabian grays. Courtesy of Cavalia.

Back in February, I received the fun assignment to look at the choreography created for the dozens of horses in “Odysseo,” the new $30 million touring production from Cavalia. As usual, the show is a popular hit — originally slated for a 3-week run in March, it keeps getting one extension after another after another. As of now, the end date is April 21.

The revue, created by one of the Cirque du Soleil founders, Normand Latourelle, was a little TOO spectacular for me. (It’s not just my age — I’ve been a fraidy cat for decades.) Aerialists without nets, suspended from the eight-story-high big top tent, hanging by crisscrossed ankles, isn’t my preferred theatrical orientation. I also worried that the horses might slip in the water (it’s happened before in Burbank). I wished it were possible to just enjoy the horses’ natural grace and power the way I was able to do for one dreamy afternoon during their pre-show Simi Valley vacation. Full story here at the Los Angeles Times.