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The score on the music desk

Friday, January 13, 2012 I’ll be spending the weekend in New York City at Chamber Music America’s annual conference. When I’m not playing the harpsichord, I serve as President of the Board of Trustees for this national service organization that tries in every way to make the lives of classical and jazz musicians who play in small groups, workable, acknowledged, sane! There is so much to keep me thinking and on my toes surrounded by people doing important work brilliantly. Clouding my focus however is that Monsigny score on my music desk. If … [Read more...]

New Years Day and the Journey begins

New Year’s Day--most of the musicians of Opera Lafayette have played our New Year’s Eve gig (Strauss waltzes?), or have spent the night with friends at parties toasting in the New Year, or as I, have chosen to spend the evening and morning alone with loved ones, husbands and wives, lovers, children, dogs and cats. Yet, on our music desks, all of us have the score or our part to Le Roi et Le Fermier, an opera by Pierre-Alexandre Monsigny that will bring us to the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, the Rose Theater in New York City, and finally, … [Read more...]

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