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Wed, Oct. 1st offers a way to hear swinging music and help boost Obama's chances. (see below)

But first, a brief history of the presidency since 1980, via music:

Reagan     pretend cowboy           country music

Bush 1      oilman                        country music

Clinton      pretend saxophonist     jazz

Bush 2      pretend cowboy/          sound of bombs dropping

                failed oilman

McCain?   pretend maverick         sounds of bombs dropping/drills drilling?

Obama?    real maverick              jazz?

(the following from my forthcoming Blu Notes column in Jazziz):

When I called up pianist Aaron Goldberg, he'd just returned from touring in Brazil. In between studio sessions with his trio, he was busy planning "A Concert of America's Future" -- a benefit for Barack Obama's campaign with an impressive lineup of musicians.

Goldberg remembers feeling similarly inspired in 2004. "I saw my progressive-leaning friends, especially the musicians, getting apathetic," he said. "They didn't realize that, despite everything that had gone on, despite the Iraq war, it was quite possible that George Bush might be re-elected." He felt like his community of musicians had to do something. He decided to organize a fundraiser for John Kerry's campaign, and began making calls.

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