Happy Birthday Ornette Coleman, roots avant-gardist

Composer, conceptualist and multi-instrumentalist Ornette Coleman, b. March 9 1930, is widely known for "free jazz" -- which is routinely depicted as the most abstract and daunting music to emerge from the U.S. But this overlooks Ornette's deep roots in blues from the Southwest and his fealty to the freedom of expression, mobility and individuality that has made the U.S. great. … [Read more...]

Breadth-of-jazz radio WKCR fetes Ornette, Bix

Next week WKCR-FM 89.9 www.wkcr.org, promises all-day music of Ornette Coleman and Bix Beiderbecke, linking the "free jazz" iconoclast (turning 80 Mar 9) to the Roaring '20s jazz-mad kid cornetist/pianist (who would be 107 on March 10, if he hadn't drunk himself to death at age 28 in 1931). Mark your calendars now!  … [Read more...]