Italy here I come

The Siena Jazz Workshop has me present my book Miles Ornette Cecil – Jazz Beyond Jazz (buy it for your Kindle!) Sunday, July 25 at 10 am (yes, in Siena, Italy). Can you suggest unmissable music in Tuscany (or Vetirbo through July 31?siena square.jpeg

In Siena I’ll talk and show brief bits of Cecil Taylor, explosive improvising composer/pianist explaining his method, Ornette Coleman’s Prime Time with the symphony and Miles, miles, miles. Francesco Martinelli, esteemed colleague, curator of the Siena Jazz Archive, teacher of Jazz History during the Workshop and friend, will translate.

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Know of other hot gigs? 
Following my presentation I’ll be hearing Workshop masterclass bands, jams and concerts, and I’m also trying to get to the 9th edition of the Tuscia in Jazz Festival in the hillside town of Soriano nel Cimino and city of Nepi in the Viterbo region. But your suggestions about jazz or beyond (experimental, unusual, site-specific, locally tradiitonal) in Tuscany and Viterbo regions through July 31 are hereby invited. Please let me know about live music (any genre) coming up in those whereabout  by leaving a comment below. 
Thanks, and I’ll report on what happens.
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  1. says

    That’s as close as I think you can get in Italian to “Italy, here I come.” I suppose you could say, “Italia, arrivo subito,” but to me that doesn’t have the same feel as the English phrase