Neither here nor there

Hmmmm.... It must be something in the air--or in me--that the experimental works this month seemed too much between one thing and another, without ever wresting their own potent identity. They felt insufficiently steeped, like a stew that hasn't sat and simmered long enough for the flavors to blend. With Neil Greenberg's (like a vase), the steps were precise yet coded, private, partial: Neil … [Read more...]

European import

This season we've had contemporary European dance not only at BAM, the usual suspect, but also at the Joyce, with Belgium's Ballets C de la B earlier this month and more recently Cedar Lake, its reputation as purveyor of B-list--or at least green--European choreographers (with a few A-list Israelis in the mix) now solid. I sound typically New Yorker, don't I? Jaded to the point of provinciality. … [Read more...]