Conundrum: how to write about left field shows

With dances that use an academic or codified language, the route to the matter at hand is relatively direct. Not so when not steps, not structure, but method--more intangible, less empirically provable--is the reigning force. In that case, it doesn't do for the critic to isolate effects; they are mere flotsam--analogues. Of course, writers do isolate all the time, with the result that the dance … [Read more...]

The tricky craft of curation, the worldviews in dances, and other thoughts from the first month of the season

We critics have grown rather grouchy about City Center's annual smorgasbord, the Fall for Dance festival--which is exactly like looking a gift horse in the mouth, as those $10 tickets have to be paid for by someone and it's certainly not the audience. The shows--five separate programs, with four distinct works on each-- sustain a huge loss, offset by corporate and state support. My frustration … [Read more...]