Ashton’s charming knowingness, Graham’s unfolding abstraction, John Jasperse’s wily truthiness, and New York City Ballet’s mixed bag (UPDATE FRIDAY 6/25)

Starting backwards, with the Architecture of Dance festival at the New York City Ballet this season, the seven choreographers all had the option to commission a score, as well as a set by no less than famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, for their world premieres. With one ballet to go, I'm beginning to suspect this embarrassment of riches may be more embarrassment than riches-- that … [Read more...]

Women, beasts, and ballet

Where have all the animals gone? That's what the wild horses in Christopher Wheeldon's recent Estancia (Spanish for "ranch") made me wonder. The generation of choreographers who would have come into contact with more than cats, dogs and whatever happens to be declining at the zoo--these people rode horses (or ate them, in Balanchine's case), caught butterflies, listened to bluebirds, spied on … [Read more...]