Go: Final exits at “Nearly Ninety”

I have a review coming out
–Monday, I think it is; I will link to it hereon the BAM Cunningham show that runs through Sunday, so I will keep mum on the subject except to say:

It’s worth going (of course–this is Cunningham) and it’s your last chance to see the the serenely regal and eloquent Holley Farmer and the heartbreakingly immediate Daniel Squire do Cunningham. It’s also the last appearance of Koji Mizuta, who for years has been one of my favorite dancers, but he’s not given much to do here and he seems to have accepted his forced exit, fading even before the curtain has fallen.

And then there’s Cunningham himself, whose dancemaking is still brilliant but whose body won’t hold out much longer to do the bidding of his mind.

So, go–and bring flowers. Is there some interdiction against throwing bouquets–or even a single daisy–at modern dance shows? Is it too florid for the avant-garde? I was surprised there were no flowers on opening night. 

In the meantime, read Time Out editor and regular Times contributor Gia Kourlas’s moving interview with Farmer here.

[UPDATE: Besides the review I have a postscript on the review here.]

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