How to make lazy, sleepy, or dopey friends and relatives laugh–and get them to the polls ontime

See, this video can be custom made for every well-intentioned Obamaite you know who just might take too long a nap on Election Day. Watch it, edit it, and send it out. We might as well turn our election jitters into something useful (and funny).

(You ask, isn’t this just a bit off topic, Apollinaire? I say, Only in the narrow view of things).

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  1. says

    This is wonderful! Great fun! And definitely on topic, since if we’re not careful, we’re not going to have the arts, an economy, a country or a world. Get out and vote, people!
    Dear Eva,
    yes, yes, yes!
    ~) Apollinaire

  2. lori says

    I know a sleepy person who wants to vote for a third candidate; (she cannot think of his/her name.) It ought to be a daytime (3-4pm) TV commercial because getting this person to open her email and click on the link might be difficult…but I’ll give it a shot. Thanks.
    Hahaha. Well, given it’s a third candidate, maybe you should just let her sleep. Or you could tell her the third candidate’s name is O-BA-MA. Last time around, I ran into my christian evangelist neighbor coming home from work. She said she was going to take a short nap and then vote for Bush. I borrowed her god to pray that she oversleep. Didn’t work. ~) Apollinaire

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